Matt-Footitt On aracde run PWR+ helps in those last few stages allowing me to carry on and push to the finish, with the bonus of it helping with recovery between runs.
PWR+ Ambassador

Cambridge-99 PWR+ is great for our club because we need our rowers to get the most out of their training efficiently. The products helps lower recovery time which means more training which means more results and a growing reputation for our club.
– Leanne Franklin
Womens Captain Cambridge’99 RC

Isobel-Hamilton-testimonials Experience is essential to windsurf racing so currently my goals include gaining as much racing experience as possible in as many venues as possible until I am the best in the world in every condition. I also need to be as fit and healthy as possible to race three races a day over up to six day regattas meaning lots of fitness training and healthy supplementation.
– Brian Kander

IMG_7811“I just wanted to thank you again for the products this year!
After coming off my breakthrough season improving my personal best by over 7cm and winning a Silver Medal at the British Championships! I must say using the perform/ recovery drinks definitely work for me, and have become a huge staple in my post and pre training routines.
I’m confident with Rio being my next target we can share more success in the future!”
– Mike Edwards – GB High Jumper

Helen-Russel“I had read a lot about the benefits of drinking beetroot juice for athletic performance and so started to drink it in the run up to major competitions. However I really didn’t like the earthy taste and struggled to drink it. Then I tried PWR+ Perform which actually tasted really good and so finally I could enjoy a beetroot based drink and also know that it was doing me good! I have since tried PWR+Recover after training sessions to help my body recover and also PWR+ Shot to give me that extra energy kick before a really hard training session, during long rides or before competitions”
– Helen Russel

“ You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. ”

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