PWR+ RECOVER has been formulated as a “POST-EVENT” product. It contains an antioxidant rich combination of Red Grape, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Acai and Aronia Berry

In addition PWR+ PERFORM “PRE-EVENT” product has been reformulated to increase the beetroot content of the product, resulting in a great tasting beetroot and cherry juice

The PWR+ logo and pack design have been refreshed to provide greater impact, and to bring it in line with what is expected by elite and semi- professional endurance athletes. The Informed Sports logo has been brought prominently onto the front of the bottle to highlight the fact that the products are all natural and have been tested and certified clean by HFL Sport Science – the UK’s leading anti-doping organisation.

You can buy both PWR+ products now from and these will be available in UK retail shops over the coming months – Details of listings to follow….

Further PWR+ innovations will be launched through the course of 2014, so look out for what’s coming next! Why not drop us a note via email, facebook or twitter, to let us know what you think?